Life is Short. Talk Fast.

Replica zilei 6

Gilmore Girls – Rory

… sometimes you have something you need to say but you can’t, because the words won’t come out or you get scared or you feel stupid. So, if you could write a song and sing it, then you could say what you need to say and it would be beautiful and people would listen and you wouldn’t make a complete idiot out of yourself. But all of us can’t be songwriters, so some of us will never be able to say what we’re thinking or what we want other people to know we’re thinking, so we’ll never be able to get the chance to make things right again…

Ok. Recunosc. Pe ăsta nu-l ştiam pe de rost.


  1. O sa iti fac o surpriza intr-o zi si o sa scriu ceva din M*A*S*H sau din Ally McBeal. Fii pe faza. Multumesc mult

  2. Imi pare tare bine ca te-ai apucat atat de serios de scris. Acum nu trece o zi fara sa-ti “citesc gandurile” (suna simpatic). Keep up the goood wooork ;):*

    imi place tare mult cum si ce scrii 😉

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