No good deed goes unpunished

În caz că vă era dor de o cugetare marca Mary Alice Young din Neveste Disperate:

Good deeds aren’t always done for the purest of reasons. We may be trying to impress. We may be acting out of guilt. We may be expecting something in return, but occasionally a good deed comes straight from the heart.

People do good deeds for many reasons, but sometimes good deeds have bad consequences. Correcting a colleague’s mistake could breed resentment. Opening one’s home to a friend can damage that friendship. Trying to bring a spouse closer might push her further away. That’s why there’s an old expression about helping people – No good deed goes unpunished.

Îmi vin atâtea idei în minte legate de pasajele astea şi totuşi nu simt nevoia să le comentez sau să-mi dau cu părerea. Am vrut doar să le păstrez şi să le share-uiesc.



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