S(t)ing along

I think this might be the first and only post in English on this blog. After a day of speaking English and trying to think in English, I just have the sensation that I can express my feelings about a certain event better this way. I’ve just returned home from a concert I never knew I wanted to go to. I have never realized that I liked Sting so much. I even said it: I forgot I liked his music and before the concert not one song came to my mind. Of course I knew a lot of them and recognized them during the concert and felt the urge to sing along (but I thought people paid to hear Sting so I didn’t).

Even if there were times I wanted so bad to sit down and could not feel my legs (just because I couldn’t feel my legs it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t feel the pain in my legs), I didn’t want the concert to be over so soon. I think in the past few months I forgot how to listen to music, I forgot how much I loved it and how good it makes me feel. This concert was the best opportunity to learn again how to forget about everything stressful or upsetting and just enjoy pure, fabulous music.

I must say, the concert was amazing, fantastic. It felt great to see people around me singing and dancing and cheering at the same time and rhythm. I felt that people still care about beautiful things, people still enjoy music, people are still willing to pay a lot o money just to hear good music. I’d like concerts like this to be cheaper but I know that it can’t possibly be cheap to bring so many professionals sing in front of an audience with very high expectations.

I would like to thank the people that actually made this happen for us. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t even know that in this city, at that time, someone played and sang like that and that I missed it. And last but not least I’d like to thank all my colleagues I shared this amazing experience with.



  1. Lovely post, I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. As I said, the last time I saw a concert was when Depeche Mode came to Romania (the first time) which was a long time ago, but I remember I enjoyed it, too. Maybe you should go to concerts more often. When foreign bands/performers come, not to Inna, for example, where the ticket cost almost as the ticket to Sting 😀

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